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The Education Sector is managed by the District Education Officer Mr Kiiza Kasangaki Tyson ,

the District Inspector of Schools Mr Mugisa James

and the Inspector of Schools Ms Kabonesa Sophie

COVID 19 Preparedness Response Plan PRP

The education sector has been implementing the Preparedness response plan on covid 19 following the closure of all education institutions from March 2020.

This has forced the education sector to opt to strategies of Promoting continuity of learning of children at home to ensure they keep skills and are fully engaged.

The district has provided self study materiakls to all the 7 sub countis for on ward distributin to the children at home.

Besides, the district has also conducted dissemination of Basic Requirements and Minimum standards for education Institutions provided by the Ministry of Education.

All schools primary and secondary have been covered with this dissemination exercise to prepare schools just in case the lock down on schools is lifted.

This effort was supported by World Vision.

Besides, UNICEF has also supported the Education Sector with Radio Talk shows to carry out Media Lessons and also advocacy for parents to support children dring the lock down