Production and marketing Department

Total staff stands at 8 ( 26.6% staffing levels) headed by the District Production Officer Mr Kaahwa Robert.

Under Operation Wealth Creation Programme, 9.000 kgs of beans seeds have been supplied to 1800 beneficiaries in 26 parishes,


12,580 kgs of maize seeds supplied to 1258 beneficiaries in 26 parishes,

A total of 40,000 seedlings of coffee,

40,306 seedlings of oranges,


Maj. Ben (In Green T.Shirt) Head of OWC Receiving Citrus seedlings (Oranges) from a Supplier at Buliisa District Hqtrs ready for Distribution to farmers. Photo by Hannington PRO Buliisa. April 2015.


2,000 seedlings of pine and

2,000 seedlings of grevalia supplied to 766 beneficiaries in different sub counties.

1 maize mill supplied to benefit 15 beneficiary farmers.

Under the Production and Marketing Grant (PMG 2014/15 FY) , there was Procurement and distribution of 04 Boran bulls for the 4 model demonstration farmers and starter kits were distributed in 4 sub counties of Buliisa,Ngwedo, Butiaba  & Kigwera sub counties.


Mr Kaahwa Robert, DPO shows one of the Boran Bulls to be distributed to Farmers. 

The Total Land under cultivation and grazing stands at 736sq.kms with an estimated total number  of 39,900 local breed low grade crosses,1000 exotic and high grade crosses, 90,000 goats, and 99,000 chicken,ducks and turkey in the District.